Differentiated Z-Axis Performance
Simplified Layup & Production
Lower Carbon Fiber Cost

Continuous Carbon Fiber 

Reinforced with Z-Axis Milled Fiber

Dry Reinforcement

Stabilized without resin for slitting, infusion, preforming & wet layup


Available with Newport 301, tooling epoxy & other popular resins


Tailored materials for your target application

Boost Your Competitive Advantage &

Supercomp products are delivered as dry reinforcements or prepregs. They process like carbon fiber materials that are commonly used. 

Supercomp is currently used in prepreg layup (autoclave & OOA), roll-wrapping, RTM/VARTM, wet layup and tape winding. Our proprietary manufacturing process is scaled and cost efficient, allowing us to provide our customers with a better solution without switching costs.

Damage Tolerance: 200% tougher composites parts that are thin & stiff, yet ductile

Cost Saving: Reduce materials cost by 25% and labor-intensive steps by 50%

Easier to Manufacture: 50% fewer layers, stronger bonds between layers & less prone to defects

Thermal Management: 120% higher thermal conductivity to dissipate heat twice as fast

Electrical Conductivity: Cost-effective, lightweight, and nickel-free shielding & grounding

Sustainability: Composite parts that meet life cycle regulations by using 50% recycled fiber

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3. Reserve 60″-wide Supercomp (Deliveries Start Q3-2020)

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