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Boston Materials is a cutting-edge material science company that is leading the development of the next generation of composites with higher performance and functionality. From lighter aircraft and stronger wind turbine blades to extended range EVs and safer bicycles, we develop the materials that take the next generation of applications from concept to reality.

The company was founded by Anvesh Gurijala, Michael Segal and Dr. Randall Erb in 2016 as a Northeastern spin-out and has its foundations in the breakthrough work done at Northeastern’s DAPS laboratory. In 2017, we joined the KRI group with Northeastern University and the Department of Homeland Security and opened its first R&D center and wet lab space. Boston Materials has continued to expand the team and production capabilities in its quest to bring the next dimension of performance to the carbon fiber industry. 

Test Supercomp

Test Supercomp™

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Anvesh Gurijala

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Segal

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Gary Sharpless


Andrew Goldman

Chairman of the Board

David Miller



Boston Materials specializes in carbon fiber, advanced composite construction, out-of-plane composites, and advanced delamination resistant composites for a wide range of applications.