Continuous Carbon Fiber

Reinforced with Z-Axis Milled Fiber

Better Performance

Lower Cost

Full Compatibility

More Sustainable


Advanced Composite Materials for Engineers and Manufacturers

A New Class of 3D-Reinforced Carbon Fiber Prepregs and Fabrics

At Boston Materials, we manufacture Carbon Supercomp™ to serve the immediate need for a tougher, safer and more versatile composite material for component manufacturers.

Our company’s founders envisioned that a material-level solution could enable and accelerate the development of next-generation Transportation and Energy technologies. Boston Materials designed Carbon Supercomp™ by leveraging proven textile manufacturing methods and a high-profile research. The result produced an evolutionary material that expands the functionality and usability of traditional carbon fiber applications.

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Product Spotlight: Supercomp™ 1015

Overcome the Limitations of Traditional Composite Materials

Supercomp™ overcomes many of the shortcomings of traditional 2D composites. Its patented design enhances Z-axis properties to form a 3D prepreg with dense interlaminar reinforcement. This dramatically improves functionality and performance in ways that translate directly to your application.

  • 33% fewer plies*
  • 35% stronger
  • 300% tougher
  • 300% more conductive
  • Simplify layup schedule
  • Deforms before drop in strength or fracture
  • Higher toughness without sacrificing stiffness
  • Match conductivity of pitch composites using PAN fibers

Supercomp™ is also fully compatible with virtually all composite component manufacturing processes, making it simple and cost-effective to integrate. LEARN MORE 〉

*In structures with matching performance.

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