Intellectual Property Coverage

Supercomp by Boston Materials

Boston Materials is committed to protecting its intellectual property, including the following:

Int. Patent Apl. No. WO 2018/175134
U.S. Patent Apl. Pub. No. 2020/0024795
And other patents and applications

These patents and applications cover the following products:

Supercomp PW01-0110
Supercomp PW01-0110-P1.1
Supercomp PW01-0110-P2.1
Supercomp PW01-0110-P3.1
Supercomp PW01-0110-P4.1
Supercomp PW01-0110-P5.1

Supercomp PW02-0110
Supercomp PW02-0110-P1.1

Supercomp PW02-0110-P2.1
Supercomp PW02-0110-P3.1
Supercomp PW02-0110-P4.1
Supercomp PW02-0110-P5.1

Supercomp AX01-0110
Supercomp AX01-0110-P1.1

Supercomp AX01-0110-P2.1
Supercomp AX01-0110-P3.1
Supercomp AX01-0110-P4.1
Supercomp AX01-0110-P5.1

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