12”-wide Available Today, 60”-wide Coming Soon

Introducing Supercomp by Boston Materials

Continuous Fiber Reinforced with Z-Axis Milled Fiber

Supercomp 1015 Plain Weave

Prepreg (250°F Cure Epoxy)
$ 39
/ lb
  • Ultra Drapable, Stiff, 3D Fiber, Lowest cost
  • Made with T300, 3K x 3K, Plain Weave
  • Fiber Areal Weight with Z-axis Milled Fiber: 375gsm
  • Prepreg Areal Weight: 620 gsm (40% RC)

Supercomp 1015 AX

Dry Reinforcement
  • T700 Unidirectional
  • FAW: 270 GSM
  • Ply Thickness: 0.29mm
  • Slitting available down to 1”

Supercomp 1015 PW

Dry Reinforcement
  • T300 Plain Weave
  • FAW: 370 GSM
  • Cured Ply Thickness: 0.38mm
  • Slitting available down to 1”

Supercomp 1015 PW

  • Supercomp 1015 BX or AX Available
  • Newport 301 Prepreg*
  • Tooling Prepreg Available
What is Technology?

To make Supercomp, we use a patented “magnetic alignment” process that allows us to manipulate the orientation of milled carbon fibers, including Z-axis fiber alignment. The video shows the level of control we have over these fibers. Boston Materials leverages the magnetic alignment process for continuous fiber reinforced composites.

We have integrated the magnetic alignment process into a roll-to-roll coating production line. With this proprietary manufacturing technology, Boston Materials can continuously coat spread carbon fiber tow, dry UD tapes, fabrics, and even polymer films with Z-axis milled fiber to create Supercomp and other products. 

We have also developed a process to stabilize the Z-axis milled fibers without any resin so Supercomp products can be processed dry and pressures over 3,000 psi can be applied without disturbing the alignment of the milled fibers. We’ve further invested in this technology to manufacture 60”-wide materials, and even higher production scale equipment is in the works!

Benefits of

Damage Tolerance

200% tougher composites parts that are thin & stiff, yet ductile

Cost Saving

Reduce materials cost by 25% and labor-intensive steps by 50%

Easier to Manufacture

50% fewer layers, stronger bonds between layers & less prone to defects


Boston Materials is committed to protecting its intellectual property, including the following:
Patent WO 2018/175134, Patent US 2020/0024795 and other pending patents
Int. Patent Apl. No. WO 2018/175134, U.S. Patent Apl. Pub. No. 2020/0024795, and other patents and applications
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