The Process

These three simple steps produce a vastly improved isotropic prepreg that prevents delamination, improves impact strength, and allows for enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity.  

By leveraging the breakthrough technology of magnetic assembly, Boston Materials is capable of aligning short carbon fibers within the voids of a traditional carbon fiber fabric. These reinforcing carbon fibers vastly improve the material characteristics of existing prepregs, unlocking a host of new applications and improvements to existing structures.

The Material

Unprecedented performance

Delamination and Impact Resistant Prepreg

Boston Materials has achieved substantial improvements with its breakthrough carbon fiber composite Carbon Supercomposite™. Using a patented and proprietary magnetic alignment technology, Boston Materials has been able to reinforce standard carbon fibers sheets to achieve three dimensions of fiber alignment. This allows Boston Materials to produce an industry standard reinforced ready-to-use prepreg in a variety of formats. Carbon Supercomposites are compatible with any uni-directional, bi-directional or multidirectional base fabric and work with all existing resin systems. Carbon Supercomposite™ can be used in place of any existing prepreg without modification and is compatible with automated tape laying (ATL) as well as traditional layup techniques.

The Application

Industry standard Format

Compatible with Hand-Layup and Automatic Tape Laying Methods

Boston Materials’ Carbon Supercomposite™ can be used in virtually any manufacturing lineup without the need of additional equipment, modification or skills. Carbon Supercomposite™ fits seamlessly into any application in which a traditional pre-preg can be used. This is because Carbon Supercomposite™ is simply reinforcing your existing fiber and resin system and therefore is compatible with all existing layup methods including ATL.

Beta-Testing Now Available

Boston Materials is actively partnering with companies in order to verify that SuperPly is meeting the desired standards of our customers.