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Dry Reinforcement & Prepreg

$10 Sample Pack (Free Shipping)

Supercomp Sample Pack allows you to see, feel, and test swatches of our three core products. It includes:


1 x Supercomp 1015 UD Dry

1 x Supercomp 1015 PW Dry

1 x Supercomp 1015 PW Prepreg (NB301 Resin)

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All products below are 12″ wide. 60”-wide Supercomp products can be reserved below.

Supercomp 1015 PW

T300 Plain Weave

FAW: 370 GSM

Cured Ply Thickness: 0.38mm

Slitting available for narrow width, down to 1”

Supercomp 1015 UD

T700 Unidirectional

FAW: 270 GSM

Cured Ply Thickness: 0.29 mm

Supercomp 1015 PW Prepreg

OAW: 620 gsm

Newport 301 Prepreg*

Tooling Prepreg

*Also available with Newport 301, Axiom 5201S, SHD LTC216 & more

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All products below are 12″ wide. For 60″ wide, please pre-order below.

Reserve 60″-wide Supercomp

We’re building out a second production facility to keep up with demand. In this facility, we’ll have a new production line to make 60”-wide Supercomp products. Reserve your stock of 60”-wide today!

All our 12”-wide products will be available in 60”-wide format, including Supercomp dry reinforcements and prepregs.

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